“Serre Chevalier is the collective name for 13 villages stretching 15km along the Guisane valley to Briançon (France's highest Alpine town). The main ski stations are Briançon (1200m), Chantemerle (1350m), Villeneuve (1400m) and Monêtier (1500m). Each has a distinctive character, so choose carefully before you book. We recommend Briançon for non-skiers and townies, Chantemerle for families, Villeneuve for party animals and Monêtier for mountain-loving freeriders and romantic couples."
Beginner Intermediate Advanced Lifts 62 Kms 250 Top 2830m
150 km of piste with a further 100 km extension to Grand Serre Che. 38 people went to La Grand Galassia, 30 of which were poisoned by the chef and Kilo very nearly had to leave his dodgy chicken in a bubble lift. Ian chose to ski with another group but still probably fell over a lot.. The first and last time we tried Snow Boarding (Gays on Trays) and that was back in the day when the bindings were ankle breakers.