“High-altitude resort popular with Brits exploring the Milky Way ski area. Sestriere, built by Fiat founder Giovanni Agnelli in 1934, was Europe's first purpose-built ski resort. Located at 2035m at the foot of Mt Sises, the resort sadly has less style than the cars. Accommodation is located in four separate 'housing areas' - choose yours carefully as shuttles stop at 1800."
Beginner Intermediate Advanced Lifts 88 Kms 400 Top 2823m
Part of the Italian Milky Way with links to 400 km of Skiing, assuming there is snow. 44 people went to the Milky Way and had a coach over to try the Kandahar Slalom run
Rotaski's 2nd trip to Sestriere was during the week when 8 people went to the Milky Way for a few rounds of golf and were surprised to find that there was actually some snow that the weathermen hadn't told us about. After spending a day on it we used a coach for the rest of the week to visit neighboring ski resorts. Favourite quote of the week "What's she moaning about now?"
1994 1999