“Frances principal high-altitude resort in the Haute Tarentaise has faced enormous criticism over the years because of its original, high-rise architecture. This dates from the 1960s and is wholly alien to Tignes glorious mountain setting at the foot of the twin peaks of the Grande Motte and the Grande Casse. However, the resort has spent 35 million in the past five years in an effort to improve its appearance."
Beginner Intermediate Advanced Lifts 97 Kms 300 Top 3456m
Based in Val d'Isère back in ‘96 we skiied more of Tignes than Val as most of it was off piste with Patrick Zimmer, the former French downhill skiier.
The first completely official trip for 'Rotaski Elite'. The natural follow on from Rod Stewart outfits is Gorilla suits and although more difficult to ski in, produce lots more groping and fondling by the locals. Rotaski Elite form a sub sub species known as 'The Awesome Foursome' who become specialists in daring night time raids for burning material. It's not true that they demolish the ski chalet - this is done at the end of the season by the owners, but we did hide the Christmas tree somewhere very imaginative. Tignes, linked with Val d'Isère is rightly renowned as one of the best ski areas in Europe, if not the World.
1996 2002