The ‘Rotaski-Elite’ Fitness Plan


Skiing requires a certain level of fitness and everybody should strive to attain a level suitable to their skiing ability. Generally fitness programmes rely rather heavily on exercise and nutrition to improve both health and fitness and are quite consistent in discouraging even the most modest amount of alcohol abuse. Healthy eating and clean living are commendable ideals but when attempted in real life situations are probably responsible for most skiers abject failure to complete any pre ski holiday training programme and thereby failing to achieve the levels of fitness required to join the elite.

What do we want?

A fitness regime where alcohol is permitted or even encouraged? No requirement to change ones usual eating habits? Exercise an optional extra?

When do we want it?


The Plan

"As a 38 year old I am generally healthy but not quite athletically fit. However, if I was 48 and had the same levels of fitness etc. that I have now then I would be considered very fit indeed. So rather than attempt to become fitter all I have to do is become older. Obviously if the natural process is allowed to take it's course my body will deteriorate as my chronological age increases, thereby nullifying any benefit. So, the question is, "how to become older, quicker?" There is, believe it or not, a drug readily available that will have the desired affect. It has been well documented in many studies that alcohol promotes accelerated ageing. So that's the plan, drink yourself fit!" Andy Stakes - Rotaski Elite 2001

The Answer

Rotaski Elite members can help you to help yourself - For only £1000 per day, we will act as personal trainers and help you to achieve the necessary levels of alcohol intake needed to become older, quicker - or at least we'll give it a damn good try.
Fitness Plan