Aim of the Game

To bring a little smile or a little happiness, to a companion, friend or total stranger. No points are awarded. No one needs to keep score. There are no winners and no losers.

Number of Players

A minimum of two players required, maximum number limited only by circumstance.

Basic Game

Player one nominates a category, any subject works, but an easy topic to begin with is the titles of James Bond Films. All players then take turns to list the titles of James Bond films, removing one word from the title and replacing it with the word "ARSE" e.g. The man with the golden ARSE. ARSEraker. The ARSE who loved me. Whilst playing the game players must always be aware that opponents may be able to trump their ARSE suggestions. The last film title for example has been badly played, a much better suggestion would have been "The spy who loved ARSE". Unfortunately no points are awarded for such a suggestion as this would not be consistent with the aim of the game. Once a category is exhausted player two nominates a new category and the game continues.


Pre-teen children may wish to play "The Bottom Game" whilst in earshot of their parents. Experienced players may enjoy playing a solo version whilst travelling by train or even car, but a mobile phone should always be at hand in order that particularly amusing categories or suggestions may be shared.

Word of Advice

Don't be embarrassed. Give the game a try. Novices may wish to play the game whilst under the influence of alcohol but experienced players have been known to fall into fits of uncontrollable giggles whilst sober or even whilst hung over.

Category Suggestions

Beatles Songs e.g. Eight ARSES a week I want to hold your ARSE She loves ARSE All you need is ARSE The long and winding ARSE Cereals e.g. Kellogg's Crunchy Nut ARSE Flakes ARSE Puffs ARSE Crispies Christmas Songs e.g. Rudolf the red ARSED reindeer.
The Arse Game