Although Rotaski Elite members are not Olympic medal winning skiers, they have reached a level where they rarely fall over and therefore should return home from a ski trip with no injuries. However, this is not always the case. See if you can guess how the following injuries occurred and click the Answer to reveal if you were right.


A) Shark bite off the coast of Western Australia B) Skiing after a bus through somebody's back garden, skiing over himself and slicing his leg open with his own ski.


A) Getting hit by a football travelling in the other direction. B) Imperfect landing on the 90m hill at Obersdorf. C) Over tight shoelaces.


A) Shot in the back with an arrow in his local pub during the filming of a 'Strongbow' commercial. B) Skiing all day without falling over and then falling over 4 times on the way back from the bar.
Injury Quiz