I pretty much purchase a programme and an Oatcake for every game I go to so it would be a nightmare to scan them all and puit them on these pages so these are just a selection. There are a number of tickets from Stoke games amongst the selection I have uploaded here along with the recent one’s below from the FA Cup semi final. I was once accused by someone on the Oatcake of being a glory hunter because I have never had a season ticket - but I don’t live in Stoke and I spend many a weekend sailing or skiing or god forbid working. However I don’t pick and choose games, I go as and when I’m available and away days to places like York or Northampton or wet Wednesday’s in March in League One against Grimsby can’t be classed as glamour games can they? Although my first ever game was with my Grandad, many of my attendances as a boy were with my Uncle Charlie or my Granmother’s Brother in Law to be precise. He was a season ticket holder from 1908 until the day he died, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t a glory hunter! He and his wife were featured in the match day programme on the 17th April 1979 against Bristol Rovers, how I wish he could have seen Stoke’s improvement in recent years. When I was younger I even used to write to the club on a regular basis for information - long before the days of the internet. I have kept all the replies from the club and some of them are quite interesting to look back on.
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Stoke City Football Club Programmes & Tickets