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Nearly 200 people have been skiing with Rotaski over the years. A selection are listed below.

Click on the names below if you want to see what we look like

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Who says you can't ski Cairngorm at minus 20 !

Damn these crowded runs

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'Bingo' getting not bad air on his first ski trip Ian, Andy & Sarah in front of Mont Blanc
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Sometimes you just have to stop for a quick beer Cath after one beer too many

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Know anything about parachutes ?- No, do you know anything about gas cookers ? Watch out for DC
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Time for a quick Southern Comfort Time for a look at the views
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Chris, miles from any piste at Val D' Isere Do we laugh in the face of Danger ?
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Oh so happy to be here And so are we
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Heading for Kamikaze Will Steve land it ? I think not !
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Find me powder !!! Stan, miles behind the group as usual
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Watch out for the Matterhorn Captain Nige - Just happy
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Phill collecting some snow Have wine - will travel
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Can Rob get some air off a flat piste ? Sometimes you get a bit of snow !
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Where did I park my car ? Heading for the White Wall of Death at Les Crosets
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Oh God, Are We Happy !! Oops, leaning too far forward
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The old jacket 1989-99 R.I.P. The new jacket 1999
Popeye ! Is is Bon Jovi ?
Popeye joins Rotaski Is it Bon Jovi or the Roddetts ?

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Last updated 15 August 2018