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For those that are disorganised, a little bit like Andy Stakes who only takes one shirt away skiing, why not print off this list and make sure you dont forget anything !

q Skis,Poles and Ski Bag q Shirts - More than one q Toilet Bag
q Ski Suit / Jacket q Casual Trousers / Jeans q Toothpaste, Toothbrush,
q Ski Boots / Bag q Underwear q Soap, Shampoo
q Salopettes q Socks q Wallet
q Sun Cream q Footwear q Camera / Battery / Film
q Chap Stick q Sweatshirts / Jumpers q Luggage Labels
q Hip Flask q Tracksuit q Travel Plug
q Underwear q Hand Luggage Bag
q Ski Socks q Swim Suit
q T Shirts ESSENTIALS q Shaver
q Sweatshirts q Flight tickets q Addresses for Postcards
q Hat / Headband q Credit card q Business Cards
q Scalf q Money
q Gloves q Passport
q Glasses / Goggles q Travellers Cheques
q Bum Bag q Cheque Book
q Lift Pass Holder q Insurance
q Lift Pass Photo q E111 Form
q Ski Wax q Hangover Pills !
q Ski & Boot Carrier
q Fleece
If you think I've missed anything, please let me know.