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Bill the Badger

Ever Been Skiing ? If you have, you’ll probably be looking to book next years trip, if you haven’t, you’re probably thinking “Would I enjoy it as much as everybody else seems to.” If you did decide to ski next year, you couldn’t do much better than skiing with Rotaski. Join Rodger the Cat, Pat the Beaver and Boris the Badger for a week of messing about on the piste !

'There's still time to change your altitude !'
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You don't have to have been heliskiing in the Himalayas to join Rotaski, but we'll be mighty impressed if you have !

March 1989 saw the first Rotaski trip to Switzerland when 42 happy people jetted off for a week of messing about on the piste. Some beginners, some intermediates and a few claiming to be advanced spent seven days of fun in the snow at a sleepy little ski hamlet called Les Crosets.So What is Rotaski ? 

Rotaski was formed from a group of friends who initially belonged to a charity organisation called Rotaract, hence the name ! They were joined by friends of friends with new people joining every year. Rotaski is based in Lower Gornal in South Staffordshire, England but has members from as far north as Ellon - north of Aberdeen to Auckland - New Zealand ! The youngest - 23 months, the oldest - 51 years. The group generally has one trip each year which usually has between 30 and 50 participants.


Rodger the CatPat the Beaver

So why Rotaski ? Rotaski is small enough to still be fun but big enough to ensure that there is always somebody to ski with whatever your ability. People meet up during the day for a quick drink at a mountain bar and then ski together until it’s time for the next visit to a bar ! Rotaski has it’s own In-flight magazine on the aircraft and all skiers get a sweatshirt with a suitable skiing design. Everything is included from lift pass to ski lessons every day - the only extra is your spending money.

As Rotaski isn’t a business, it can’t accept credit cards but cheques are fine and a standing order is available to spread out the cost over the year. Deposits are even refundable up until the end of the year and then possibly after, if the place can be re-booked.

Why not join Rotaski next year ?

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