After following Stoke City for around forty years I almost by accident attended a Stoke Ladies game at the Springbank Stadium in Stone. My Father has always said he doesn’t understand why I like Stoke so much as I’ve never lived there and was born close to Birmingham. However, all my relatives are from the Stoke or Leek area and regular visits as a child showed me how much nicer the people are in North Staffordshire than they are south of the border! I was actually born in the county of Staffordshire so I’ll support who I want ;-) I love Reginald Mitchell, I love Captain Smith, I love Wedgwood (in fact I even went out with one once) and I love Sir Stanley Matthews so why wouldn’t I fall in love with each and every one of Stoke Ladies? Well from the first match they made me feel like part of the team, I loved the first time I took the piss out of them and the first time they took the piss out of me although they’re seriously winning on that one and have even tried to set me up with the landlady of the local pub - thanks girls! But, they ARE Stoke City, they’re prettier than the men’s team and they play some great football. Consequently they asked me to be their Media Officer in 2010 so I photograph all their matches, help with fundraising and have built them a website and hope to continue doing so for a long time to come. Stoke City Ladies were formed in the summer of 2001 and had a successful first season in the West Midlands league Division One finishing third before gaining promotion to the Premier Division via the play-offs. Season 2008-2009 saw the Ladies have a run of success once again and after 7 years gaining that all important promotion into the West Midland Combination League. Hopefully with continued success and a string of young talent waiting to burst into the first team, they can continue to progress and hopefully gain promotion to the Super League where they can be paid to play rather than the other way round!
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